Vitamin D Facts and Fallacies Quiz

1. What percentage of Americans have a low vitamin D level?

1. 15%
2. 25%
3. 50%
4. 70%

2. What is the normal and ideal level of Vitamin D?

1. 20-30 ng., 30-40 ng.
2. 27-32 ng., 35-45 ng.
3. 150-200 ng.,200-300 ng.
4. 32-100 ng., 50-80 ng.

3.Ideal Vitamin D levels are associated with all except which one of the following?

1. less osteoporosis, as much as 95% less
2. 50% less cancer
3. less autoimmune diseases (MS,type I diabetes,lupus,rheumatoid arthritis,etc)
4. increaed dancing ability

4. Cow's milk fresh from the cow contains how much vitamin D per 8 oz.glass?

1. 100 units
2. 400 units
3. 1000 units
4. 50,000 units
5. 0 units (Vitamin D is added by the dairy, 100 U. per glass)

5. Is a 25-hydroxy vitamin D level covered by insurance?

1. No, the patient has to pay $200.
2. Yes, in the 1700 tests I've ordered, insurance has always covered it.

6. How much Vitamin D do most people have to take to achieve an ideal level if a person has a low level?

1. 400 units a day
2. 800 units a day
3. 2000 units a day
4. 50,000 units a week, adjusted based on blood levels

7. Which of the following statements are true?

1. Rickets can be prevented usually with levels over 15 nanograms in children.
2. 40 nanograms results in maximal bone strength
3. 52 nanograms results in the least incidence of breast cancer
4. All of the above

8.What are the reasons for the pandemic of Vitamin D insufficiency?

1. Billions of humans live far from the equator
2. We wear lots of clothes that cover the skin
3. We use sunscreen that blocks vitamin D production
4. Skyscrapers reduce sun exposure in many big cities
5. All of the above

9. What is the most important medical discovery in the last century in terms of the number of lives that could be easily saved?

1. discovery of penicillin
2. realization of the high incidence of elevated cholesterol levels
3. realization of high incidence of diabetes
4. realization of the worldwide pandemic of vitamin D insufficiency

10. Why have most Americans still not gotten a 25-hydroxyvitamin D level?

1. It's not done in a routine metabolic profile that's commonly ordered
2. 95% of vitamin D knowledge has been discovered in the last 15 years, and most doctors still aren't familiar with vitamin D facts
3. Because Vitamin D is so inexpensive, no drug company is going to make a lot of profit from selling it. Because of this, research isn't publicized by drug companies, and doctors aren't detailed about it
4. The truth is that if everyone had a level of 32 ng. or higher, so much illness would be prevented, medical expenditures would drastically decline, and it would have a profound impact on the health care industry (positive for the
patient, not positive for the income of the health care industry).
5. Vitamin D toxicity hysteria exists, with many people not knowng that side effects don't occur with levels less than 200 nanograms, which would require a very massive dose that would never be recommended.
6. All of the above

The correct answers are the last answer in each case. Congraulations, because of the newness of vitamin D research,just by taking the test, you know more about Vitamin D than most medical personnel.