Prescription Vitamin D2, 50,000 units.
Dose can vary from one a week to several times a month. Covered by most prescription plans. $1.50 a capsule.

OTC Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol):
Vitamin D3 is the identical molecule that is made by the action of the sun and absorbed through the skin. Recommendations are being published for 1000 units, 2000 units, and 5000 units a day. The 400 unit capsule widely available is not worth taking; it has been shown to NOT strengthen bones, prevent fractures or cancer. That is because it only raises the 25-hydroxyvitamin D level about 5 nanograms, not enough to make a difference. In many Americans. the dose needed to raise the level to near ideal is 5000 U a day. This dose has never been reported to raise the level too high. A blood level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D is recommended within about 6 months of starting Vitamin D3 mainly to determine if a doseage adjustment is needed, ther is individual variability. Many people have to temporarily increase their dose to get an ideal level. It should be noted that Vitamin D2 is vegetarian, Vitamin D3 is not.

Many vitamin D capsules have extra ingredients such as Vitamin A. I strongly DO NOT recommend this.

OTC products include: Solgar 2200 IU and 5000 IU.

The 2200 unit and 5000 unit capsule can be opened up and put in fruit juice for children who can’t swallow capsules. (Vitamin D insufficiency is also extremely common in American children.)

Pharmacies carry only vitamin D capsules, usually up to 1000 units that contain the vitamin A. I haven’t found one acceptable product in a pharmacy. Not every vitamin store carries the 5000 unit capsules. In South Jersey I have found 2 stores that carry it.

1) Natural Health – open dailyLaurel Hill Plaza 856-784-1021
Corner of Laurel Road and Blackwood-Clementon Road
Clemonton, NJ 08021

$20.30 per 120 capsules. At one a day, that’s $5.08 a month. 10% discount if your purchases are over $30 would make it $18.27 for 120, $4.57 a month.

2) Good 4 U Store #317 – open Thursday through Sunday
Berlin Farmer’s Market 856-753-1472
41 Clementon Road
Berlin, NJ 08009

$18.89 per 120 capsules . At one a day, that’s $4.72 a month.

I have no financial interest in these stores or their products; it is listed for convenience. If anyone finds another store that sells 5000 units of Solgar Vitamin D, or any other product that doesn’t have undesirable other ingredients, please email me and I will put the name of the product on this web site. For those outside the South Jersey area, ask your vitamin store that carries Solgar products to order it for you.

On the internet, http://www.LifeExtension.com
Life Extension has an excellent reputation for quality products.